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At Groves Law, we emphasize comprehensive planning involving all aspects of our clients’ lives. Our planning services include all elements of business, estate, and trust planning, as well as non-legal issues involving care planning and care management. We are here to provide assistance across the entire spectrum of issues facing our clients and their families.

Our services also include all aspects of planning for business owners, from business formation, private placement, investment planning, investor relations, to business succession planning. A great percentage of our clients own their own businesses, or are part of family-owned businesses. As the operators of a small business ourselves, we understand the various challenges facing business owners in today’s economy. Often, business and estate planning are intertwined, and we offer services and advice across this spectrum.

Experience shows that many problems faced by our clients either could not be foreseen, or were not subject to advance planning. We have substantial experience in handling probate and estate litigation matters, as well as many types of business litigation. We have trial experience in district courts across the state, as well as in the United States District Court. We also have extensive litigation and trial experience outside of Colorado.

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