Guardianship and Conservatorship

Guardians and conservators are court appointed positions for people who can no longer manage their own affairs adequately. In a nutshell, a guardian takes care of the physical needs of the individual in question, such as food, shelter, medical care, etc., while the conservator oversees the finances. The two positions usually are filled by separate individuals who work together to ensure that the needs of their ward are met.

Guardians and conservators are monitored by the court and are required to file reports and accounts of their activities. We can assist with the selection, appointment, and oversight of guardians and conservators. Or, we can serve as guardians and/or conservators, or co-guardians and co-conservators.

For a detailed description of the obligations and duties of a guardian, we invite you to review the following pamphlet for more information. To understand better the responsibilities of a conservator, you may wish to review the following pamphlet

If you wish for us to assist you with an appointment of guardian and/or conservator please begin by filling out our secure questionnaire here: Guardianship/Conservatorship Questionnaire